By trekproperty, Apr 21 2014 08:17AM

I am often amazed how many inventory clerks don't bother listing the small items in their reports, such as the humble doorstop.

A doorstop costs less than £2 so I can understand why some don't consider it an important part of a property. However a doorstop has an important function, namely to stop a door handle impacting a wall and leaving an unsightly hole in the plaster.

A landlord would be upset by damage to the plaster and may expect some compensation for remedial work. This is where the inventory needs to be clear. Was there a doorstop fitted where there is a danger of the handle impacting a wall? If not then the landlord has only himself to blame. Has the tenant broken the doorstop resulting in the damage to the plaster? Then the tenant is to blame! Or worse case, the Inventory is silent on this matter and the landlord will be left red-faced in front of the adjudicator.

If a doorstop is fitted, is it fitted in the right place? I have seen some floor-mounted doorstops fitted so close to the wall that the doorhandle still touches. And I have seen new doors refitted with large gaps underneath that just ride over the doorstop!

Does your inventory report note doorstops? Does is note how it functions? It would be negligent not to do so!